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    Oil, Gas & Renewal Energy

    Company was incorporated in June 2007 to venture into Indonesian Oil & Gas Industry In the recent years , the Indonesian gas and oil market has become liberalized. This brought lot of new players on the market causing a rather turbulent market condition in which there a lies a challenge for many players to successfully meet the diverse needs of customers around the world.

    MGE will build an integrated oil refinery with capacity of 600 bpd, condensate. It is located in Muara Bakah, Indonesia that will produce Gasoline and diesel oil in high quality that conform to Migas Specification

    Pipeline & Mini Refinery

    PT. Mirah Ganal Energi (‘MGE’) & PT. Niaga Pratama Energi (‘NPE’) are offering unique opportunity to finance its 100% owned condensate refinery and its facilities.


    MGE and NPE are local Indonesian companies to develop and build Bangkanai condensate refinery and its facilities in Muara Bakah, approximately 250 km North East of PalangkaRaya city. The condensate to be transported by a 55-km dedicated condensate pipeline (operated by NPE) from Kerendan Gas Plant Facility in Bangkanai PSC (operated by Medco Energi Bangkanai Ltd ) with initial production of 300 -600 bopd and has potential production upsides.

    The refinery (operated by MGE) will process the condensate and produce Gasoline and Diesel Oil products that meet MIGAS specifications to supply local markets in Central Kalimantan.

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